Metropolitan School District Lawrence Township

Staff Directory

* Denotes eCoach
D3 Denotes D3 Team Lead

Office Staff

Principal - Dominique Franklin (Contact Dominique Franklin)
Assistant Principal - Erika Tran (Contact Erika Tran)
Secretary/Treasurer - Dionne Strong (Contact Dionne Strong)
Administrative Assistant - Luis Sanchez (Contact Luis Sanchez)
Nurse - Beatriz Castro (Contact Beatriz Castro)
Head Custodian - Davina (Jody) Hodge (Contact Davina (Jody) Hodge)
Cafeteria Manager - Lisa Johnson (Contact Lisa Johnson)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Nakeisha Howard (Contact Nakeisha Howard)

Special Areas

Discovery Zone - Carmen Cruz (Contact Carmen Cruz)
Media and Information Technology Specialist - Jennifer Sigler * (Contact Jennifer Sigler *)
STEM - David Shafer (Contact David Shafer)
Music - Freda Taylor (Contact Freda Taylor)
Physical Education - Jody Whitaker (Contact Jody Whitaker)

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Pre-K Teacher - Nelly Lopez (Contact Nelly Lopez)
Kindergarten Teacher - Yaritza Montijo (Contact Yaritza Montijo)
Daniella Harvey (Contact Daniella Harvey ) Spanish Immersion

Grade One

Debra Brodie (Contact Debra Brodie)
Jennifer Kunkel (Contact Jennifer Kunkel)

Grade Two

Amy Eichholtz (Contact Amy Eichholtz)
Teresa Hvidston (Contact Teresa Hvidston)
Marina Lazo-Torres (Contact Marina Lazo-Torres) Spanish Immersion
Andrea Rodriguez (Contact Andrea Rodriguez) Spanish Immersion

Grade Three

Tracy Durham (Contact Tracy Durham)
Rebecca Chandler - D3 (Contact Rebecca Chandler - D3)
Lisa Lindley (Contact Lisa Lindley)
Stephanie Brown - D3 (Contact Stephanie Brown - D3)

Grade Four

Kristine Booth (Contact Kristine Booth)
Ruth Sheldon (Contact Ruth Sheldon)

Grade Five

Lashon Ludington (Contact Lashon Ludington)
Holly Thatcher (Contact Holly Thatcher)
Erin Troxell (Contact Erin Troxell)

Grade Six

Nicole Adams (Contact Nicole Adams)
Tracye Coleman (Contact Tracye Coleman)

School Resource Staff

English as a New Language - Rosa De La Rosa (Contact Rosa De La Rosa)
English as a New Language - Dr. Chantel Hacker (Contact Dr. Chantel Hacker)
Resource - Janet Holt (Contact Janet Holt)
Resource - Nicola Liss (Contact Nicola Liss)
Speech - Courtney Robinson (Contact Courtney Robinson)
Occupational Therapy - Bridgid Hughbanks (Contact Bridgid Hughbanks)
Physical Therapy - Shari Rohyans (Contact Shari Rohyans)
Instructional Assistant - Karen Bennett (Contact Karen Bennett)
Instructional Assistant - Debroa Welch (Contact Debroa Welch)
Spanish Instructional Assistant - Yazmin Rodriguez (Contact Yazmin Rodriguez )
Spanish Instructional Assistant - Luis Oliva (Contact Luis Oliva )
Student Support Specialist  - LaTonya Clark (Contact LaTonya Clark)
Instructional Assistant - Kelley St. Clair (Contact Kelley St. Clair)
IT - Robert Daniel (Contact Robert Daniel )