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Sixth Graders at Skiles Test Investigate the Study of Forensics!< Go back

November 21st, 2014
Who hasn’t seen the popular show CSI?  Have you ever thought you’d like to be a Crime Scene Investigator?  Use all the clues and evidence to solve a crime?  Students in Ms. Falahee’s sixth grade class at Skiles Test School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are getting a head start during the four week forensic science unit!
Someone has committed a murder, but who could it be.  Ms. Falahee has a list of suspects that many of the students might recognize.  There is a crime scene note and lots of evidence for the young investigators to sift through.  How do they go about solving the crime?  It is a long process.  They begin with a web adventure where they learn from the “experts”, followed by a lesson on the power of observation.  They really have to learn not to miss anything.  Students move on to working with eye witnesses and evidence collection – this is when they start to realize how important it is not to jump to conclusions, but to just use the evidence.
During the second and third week of the forensic unit they have to sift through more information and start to use some deductive reasoning.  This coupled with a study of fingerprints and chromatography – a practice used by investigators to determine what type of ink, if any, was used in a crime get them a little closer to solving the crime.  But wait a minute, there is handwriting and DNA analysis to study.  This is not an easy job, but it is definitely interesting!
During the last week of the unit, they look at blood splatter and how the size and shape of blood droplets change as they fall from different heights.  They also look at skeleton identification.  Quite an introduction to Crime Scene Investigation!  I wonder how many of these young investigators will end up in the profession?